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About Us

Our long-term vision drives long-term value.

Sightway Capital is a Two Sigma company focused on private equity investments. We employ a principal mindset and flexible capital approach to building successful business platforms with experienced operators and strategic partners.

We think long-term, targeting business opportunities that we believe afford both asymmetric risk rewards and enterprise value creation over time.

We look for opportunities in and around several asset-intensive industries where our team has significant experience and a network of long standing relationships.


Our Approach

We build businesses with experienced operators in targeted industries.

We target opportunities that we believe afford attractive risk-adjusted return across industries including financial services, transportation, natural resources, and certain areas of specialized real estate.

We utilize flexible capital and employ a principal mindset focused on building business platforms with experienced operators and strategic partners.

We seek opportunities for our investment capital with meaningful downside protection where we believe that the return potential is a multiple of the risk that we're taking.

Financial Services
Financial Services
Specialty Real Estate
Specialty Real Estate

Our Advantage

Investment experience and industry expertise, amplified by a strong network.
Platform Building Approach
We emphasize building long-term business partnerships.

We have developed a particular strength in platform building, supporting an experienced operating executive in an area that we believe will be long term attractive. We like to work with operating or strategic partners with whom we have long-standing relationships.

Together we are able to create new business platforms and scale our investment capital over time as it is successful

Flexible Investment Structure
We can be flexible in the design and duration of our investments.

We have significant experience in investments where flexible and long-term capital is a differentiating factor.

We have the ability to enter these opportunities in different ways: acquisitions, new company creation, joint ventures, asset investments, lending origination partnerships, new investment manager seeding.

This allows us to be creative in structuring our investments to meet the needs and objectives of our capital and business partners.

Value Beyond Capital
More than just institutional capital and investment expertise.

We look to add value to our management teams as they establish and grow their businesses - exchanging ideas, connections, discussing challenges - rather than being just a capital source.

And we have significant experience evaluating, structuring, and financing different types of investment opportunities and often work with our partners to develop ideas into action.

Alignment of Interests
We're investing a significant amount of our own capital.

We have the ability to tap into the knowledge, resources, capabilities and broad network of Two Sigma to add value to our platforms and enhance our own processes.

We're investing a significant amount of our own capital, so our interests are well aligned with those of our partners as we are equally focused on risk as we are on reward.

Our Parent

We bring the expertise of the Two Sigma network.

Two Sigma began forming a private capital group in 2008 to provide diversifying sources of return for its proprietary capital. In January 2018, Two Sigma separated certain private investment activities and launched Sightway Capital, establishing the firm as an independent management company. Sightway Capital builds on these established private investment capabilities and continues its differentiated investment approach.

Founded in 2001, Two Sigma is a technology company that applies a rigorous, scientific method-based approach to investment management. Its aim has been to develop technological innovations that intelligently analyze the world's data to consistently deliver value for clients.

Our team

We see opportunity where others don't.

We combine diverse backgrounds and mindsets with years of expertise in different areas of private investing.

We have deep investment experience across institutional private equity, credit, natural resources, real assets and real estate.

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Sightway Senior Team

Wray Thorn
Susan Soh
Joe Majocha
Brandon Johnson
Jeffrey Nemanick
Michael Gross
Kristy Gilbert
Jeremy Rossman
Mark Kleinman

Sightway Team Members

Dan Bailey
Ani Deshmukh
Sam Dudek
Lyuda Gorbach
Scott Hendry
Michael Im
Tatiana Izquierdo
Sally Jules
Andrew Krasovec
Yufei Li
Michael Peters
David Rubinstein
Peter Sala
Kaitlin Sasson
Madeleine Stein
Quyen Tran
Andrew Walshe
Kelsey Weimer
Morgan Wilwol
Theresa Xaysittiphone
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We look for opportunities to build long-term growth.

We look for partners and operators that share our vision.

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